About Us

At Lyn-Maree's we provide our customers with the utmost in customer service and affordable women’s accessories.

With Lyn-Maree’s, located in the heart of downtown Auburn, Indiana, there is no need to travel to Chicago or New York for that high end boutique look. We typically get only ONE of each piece because we know in a small town you never want to show up wearing the same accessories someone else has on or carrying the same purse.

Whether it be jewelry for that special event or a fun piece for casual wear, the knowledgeable stylists at Lyn-Maree’s will assist you in your accessory needs. We encourage women to bring in their “hard to match” outfits or formal wear to ensure a perfect match every time.

You’ll find at Lyn-Maree’s an ever-changing and abundant inventory of classic, trendy and flirty jewelry, scarves, handbags & more.

You truly cannot imagine how many options we have without seeing this for yourself!
New merchandise arrives weekly, except for the holiday season when it arrives daily!

We also do Accessory Shows in house (after hours) as well as Accessory Shows at meeting and events.
Our Accessory Shows include all the hostess deals with none of the hosting hassle!

Come and see what you've been missing...

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